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Bridge Saw WS-8450

The Willy Bridge Saw  WS-8450-2016 is a strong and precise mono-block machine of simple installation. Easily controlled by a Siemens PLC technology system that allows you to set up multiple cuts within its x, y, and z axes that translates into increased production and time saving.


 The WS-8450-2016 was especially designed for a no-Hasle 

transportation, so you can easily move it around in your shop to adjust the production line whenever needed.  

CNC WS-8625

The Willy CNC WS-8625 is a 5 interpolated axes, full size CNC with the capacity for profiling, shaping, and sculpting of natural and engineered stones.


Utilizing the most sophisticated Italian software, this CNC machine is still easy and intuitive in its operations. Utilizing a touch screen interface, the software is capable of running CAD and CAM files to develop projects into perfect works of art.




Quarry Block Cutter

This Quarry Block Cutter is a double blade minning machine ideal for the extraction of granite and marble. 


The machine is operated over rails and its functionalities are controlled by hydrolic pressure. The easy operation allows for more secure, efficient, and profitable minning operations.



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