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Bridge Saw WS-8450

2016 Series

Financing Available!

The Willy Bridge Saw  WS-8450-2016 is a strong and precise mono-block machine of simple installation. Easily controlled by a Siemens PLC technology system that allows you to set up multiple cuts within its x, y, and z axes that translates into increased production and time saving.


 The WS-8450-2016 was especially designed for no-hassle 

transportation, so you can easily move it around inside your shop to adjust the production line whenever needed.  



  • Weight: 13,000 Lbs

  • Engine Power: 15 HP

  • Dimensions: W: 220.5" x D: 130" x H: 119.2"

  • Table Size: 130" x 79"

  • Blade Diameter: 16” - 18”






  • Mono-block Design

  • Siemens PLC Controller

  • 0 – 85° Tilting Table

  • 360° Rotating Table

  • Rotating Head 0° - 90° - 180° - 270°

  • Programable Cuts

  • Lazer System

  • Wifi Capabilities for fast remote techinical support



Download Full Operation Manual
See the Brideg Saw WS-8450 in Operation

Machine in Stock ready 

for Fast Delivery and Installation.

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