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About us...

Willy Industries Import & Export LLC is headquatered in Orlando, FL in the United States. We are specialized in the supply of high technology stone cutting machine, quartz products, and granite tools.
Willy Industries is an afiliated company to Xiamen World Sources, a leading company in the Granite and Marble industry that's been operating since 1999 focusing on high quality that's accessible to all company sizes.
Willy Industries Machines
Our stone cutting machines were developed by high caliber engineers familiar with the needs of the stone industry. Our machines combine high technology, quality parts, and the strength needed to develop a highly efficient machine that is affordable and can meet the needs and demands of small and larger fabricators.
Willy Industry Machines have a proven track record with a growing number of machines already installed and performing in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and other countries.
WillyQuartz is a Willy Industries segment that supplies quartz slabs and pre-fabricated pieces with a focus on quality.
Our care for our products are not purely aestethical, it starts with the selection of the raw material and it extends throughout the production process all the way to the time of delivery to our customers and partners.
To fulfill this high quality standard we have highly trained professional inspectors to monitor the material at all steps of production.

High technology that's affordable.

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